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Travel Checklist Tips We advise you to review this list of 19 actions before making a trip, it is always last to verify or have them present. 1.- REVIEW YOUR ITINERARY. Make sure that cities, dates and names of travellers are correct. If they are not, contact us...

The Arenal volcano is located in the district of La Fortuna in the province of Alajuela. It has a height of 1,670m. The volcano is inside the Arenal Volcano National Park. 150km from the capital and although it seems logical, we have prepared a list of things to take into account to visit the volcano, take note:
Our country is already world renowned as a sustainable destination, so it’s only natural that our cuisine be sustainable and healthy, in keeping with the uniquely Costa Rican expression our visitors find so appealing: Pura vida! (“pure life”) The National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy (PNGCSS, for its name in Spanish) is therefore an exceptional tool to give new value added to our tourism product through gastronomy.
Jacó Beach is a town located in the coast zone of Central Pacific of Costa Rica. A touristic place that has it all, mountains, beach, the best accommodation places, restaurants, banks, Movie Theater, commercial centers and whatever you need to make your stay more comfortable and pleasant. But certainly the best is its people, very friendly people who always have a smile available, willing to show you the best of their town and make you feel welcome.
There are a lot of reasons why you may be considering a visit to Costa Rica. The amazing rain forests and biodiversity, their long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability, the really warm and gentle people, and the extraordinary range of great things to see and do here are certainly reasons enough. But there are 7 specific reasons that might help you decide that now is the time.
If you are going on a backpack trip, you will have to pack as light as you can. Get rid of unnecessary luggage and start thinking smart. Some useful items can help you reduce a weight whilst improving your efficiency. We collected seven handy backpacker gadgets that you will be happy to have them with you on your trip in Costa Rica:
It is ideal investigate the destination to better predict the travel agenda and know what to visit Defining a budget and choosing a destination, whether national, international, colony or beach, is part of the planning necessary to make a first backpacking trip.